About Us

NECA is an awards scheme that annually recognizes and award individuals/organization who has contributed immensely to the NORTH EAST Art and Entertainment industry such as musicians, actors, fashion designers, graphic designers, film makers, sports and media personalities among others as well as offer a unique opportunity for them to compete in various categories of the award scheme.

It is organized by Zellies House Entertainment, a registered events management firm in collaboration with various stakeholders in the Art and Entertainment industry in the NORTH EAST Region.


NECA Awards’ mission is to create a platform that sort to acknowledges creators and entertainers of the Art & Entertainment industry in the NORTH EAST Region of Ghana as well as provide a unique platform for them to compete in a manner that will sell the industry to the international world.

The primary aims of NECA Awards are to;
i.          Honor and recognize individual artists, creators, and entertainers.
ii.         Awarding industry players who contributed immensely to their respective industries recognized by the scheme.
iii.        Finally provide a platform that will sell the North East Art and Entertainment Industry to the international world.



    Locate us:Walewale, North-East Region
    Phone/Mobile: 0200637981
    Email Address: necaawards521@gmail.com

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