NECA Awards || Official Announcement


ZELLIES HOUSE – a registered events management firm presents to you the good people of the NORTH EAST Region and beyond, especially fans and major role players of the Art and Entertainment industry an awards scheme dubbed NORTH-EAST Entertainment & Creative Art Awards (NECA).

NECA is a prestigious scheme that seeks to, annually, recognize and award individual(s) and organizations who, by far, contribute immensely to the NORTH EAST Art and Entertainment Industry such as musicians, actors, fashion designers, graphic designers, filmmakers, video directors, event organizers, models, sports and media personalities among others. This scheme will offer a unique and fair platform for nominees to contend among themselves for the various categories of the scheme.

In line with our mission, NECA’s objectives are to discover and unearth talents, create a platform to promote and sell our art and entertainers, recognize and award content creators and entertainers of any sort.

The scheme will in collaboration with a myriad of other stakeholders in the art and entertainment industry, recognize and honor these distinguished personalities who have positively partaken in the sound growth of their respective fields in the NORTH EAST Region of Ghana.

An organizing committee, a nine (9) member board, and fifteen (15) member academy with representation across the North-East Region of Ghana will consult and nominate persons to be honored in the various categories.


NECA – Setting Standards! Awarding Excellence!!

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